Chapter 24
Forms and Such

This chapter contains samples of many of the forms mentioned in the book. It also contains a copy of the APS Code of Ethics.

You will find the following items:

1. Form 8283 and instructions from the Internal Revenue Service. This is the form you use when you donate stamps over $500 to a charity. 

2. An application to join the American Philatelic Society if you wish to do so.

3. A copy of the APS Code of Ethics.

4. A list of the APS circuits. See chapter 16 for more details on APS circuit books.

5. Form 3615 from the USPS. This is the form you would use to get a permit to use precanceled stamps including service-inscribed stamps. The permit is free, and you can use the stamps to mail individual letters.

Some postmasters will be hesitant to give you a permit. This is mostly because they are not familiar with it. Tell them it is covered in section 604.3.5 of the Domestic Mail Manual. That will solve 99% of the problems.